Cerámicas Bellacaire registers two DAPcons® in the DAPconstrucción® Program and in the ECO Platform


Ceramics Bellcaire is a company of the ceramic sector that belongs to the ceramic line of the Roca Group. The Roca Group is a multinational company that is a world leader in the salons and bathrooms sector, being known all over the world.

Cerámicas Bellcaire was one of the first companies to obtain an Environmental Product Declaration in Spain that was registered in 2010 in the DAPconstrucción® Program, with the registration number 002.002 for the products of the Top green collection.

This year 2018 has registered the DAPcons® 002.021 on the porcelain stoneware and the DAPcons 002.022 on the tile products. Both DAPcons group different families of products manufactured by Ceràmicas Bellcaire in the production plant of La Vall d'Uixò, in Castelló.

The porcelain stoneware products of DAPcons 002.0021 are part of the absorption group BIa (formed by pressing with AA ≤0.5%), the paving and cladding of interior walls and exterior facades being the main recommended use for this product. The tile products of DAPcons® 002.0022 are part of the absorption group BIII (formed by dry pressing with AA> 10%), the interior wall covering being the main recommended use for this product.

The company ReMa Ingeniería SL, a member affiliated to the DAPconstrucción® Program, was the company in charge of preparing the ACV Life Cycle Analysis, which was verified by the company Marcel Gomez, environmental consultancy.

These Environmental Product Declarations are "from cradle to grave", that is, the environmental impacts of the product are analyzed taking into account the stage of manufacture, construction, use and end of life. Both DAPcons® are based on the RCP Product Category Rules 002 for ceramic coating products of the DAPconstrucción® Program and are valid until March 2023.

The DAPconstrucción® Program was created in 2008 and specializes in construction products with the aim of bringing together manufacturing companies that wish to advance in the analysis of the environmental impacts of their products and commit themselves to environmental improvement.