Perlita y Vermiculita has completed the registration of two new DAPcons® of fireproof mortar Perlifoc HP and Perlifoc HP Eco +


Perlita y Vermiculita is a company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of products for passive protection against fires such as fire-retardant mortars, intumescent paints and systems for sealing the passage of installations. They have a quality and environmental system in accordance with the ISO 9001 and 14001 Standards.

In order to offer products with less impact on its environment, it has registered the version adjusted to the new UNE 15804 + A2: 2020 standard of its Perlifoc HP product, DAPcons®.100.051 and the Perlifoc HP Eco + DAPcons®.100.049 product. Both are fire-resistant gypsum-based fire-retardant mortars with thermal insulation properties for passive fire protection in structural elements.

Ecopenta S.L. has been in charge of preparing these DAPcons® which have been verified by ITeC. They are valid until 2026 and are based on the RCP 100 General Construction Products Product Category Rule version 3 of 05/27/2021.

This EPD is "from the cradle to the grave", covering the stages of product manufacturing (using specific data from the Vallirana plant), construction, use and end of life according to ISO 14040: 2006 and ISO 14044: 2006.

The DAPconstrucción® Program was born in 2008 with the aim of bringing together manufacturing companies that want to advance in the analysis of the environmental impacts of their products and commit to environmental improvement.