Rehabilita 2021: If you want to change the world, start at home


Maybe you will see this provocative phrase on some buses in Barcelona, ​​you will hear it on the radio, or you will find it surfing the internet. It is the Rehabilita 2021 campaign (from September 27 to October 1), with which we want to convey to the public that rehabilitation is a much bigger idea than they imagine: a tool for improving the quality of life, an activator of our economy and one of the most effective instruments in the fight against climate change.
Rehabilita takes place annually in the autumn and its aim is to make rehabilitation and maintenance a new sector of activity aimed at improving the urban environment and the quality of life of all citizens. It is a week of conferences and various activities aimed at professionals, agents in the sector and the different administrations.
This year the most outstanding are:
  • Rehabilitation Mission: Cristina Puig, Lídia Heredia, Francesc Mauri, Tian Riba ... are some of the well-known faces who will take part in this project, a TV program produced with the El Terrat team that puts rehabilitation in the centre of economic, political and social debate.
  • The Rehabilitation Wave. Next generation: Aid from the European Next Generation fund places rehabilitation (especially energy rehabilitation) as one of the key factors for post-pandemic economic recovery. This is a professional day with the best experts and the main people responsible for its application
  • Technical workshops for professionals, virtual business fair, site visits,etc.
All this and more in Rehabilita 2021. Will you miss it?
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