Tecnopol promotes the publication of environmental information on its own products and benchmarking with other functionally equivalent products by registering two DAPcons® of waterproofing liquid systems: Desmopol and Tecnocoat P-2049


Tecnopol is a company in the chemical sector founded in 1996 and focused on the development, formulation and manufacture of construction products in the field of waterproofing, thermal insulation and paving of high technology and quality. Its main product ranges are Tecnocoat, Desmopol, Tecnofloor and Tecnofoam.

With the aim of taking sustainability to the next level, Tecnopol has decided to develop the DAPs of two of its liquid waterproofing systems: Tecnocoat and Desmopol.

Similarly, with the development and certification of both DAPs, these two systems may be justified as solutions scored in environmental certifications of projects or intervene in benchmarking in the construction market.

And what is that benchmarking? It literally means comparative, and it is the term that in the field of life cycle analysis is used to describe one of the ultimate functionalities of DAPs: to make a comparison between the different environmental indicators of two or more functionally equivalent products in order to make an informed decision.

Since the functional units based on which the indicators are obtained are the same (m2), as well as the final use of the product, the direct comparison between some indicators and others can be made. To simplify the process, we will focus on phases A1-A3 (extraction of raw materials and manufacturing), as well as on the indicators "freshwater eutrophication (TCUe)" and "global warming potential (kgCO2eq)".

With the exposed results extracted directly from the DAPs of each product we can observe how Desmopol has better behavior against the variable "eutrophication of fresh water", while Tecnocoat has a better behavior against the variable "total global warming potential". Note that, because in the same company the different product ranges respond to different needs and functions, benchmarking shows its full potential by comparing different products (from different manufacturers) that fulfill the same function.

The company Isolana Energética, an affiliate member of the DAPcons Program®, has been in charge of preparing this DAPcons® later verified by ITeC. It is valid until 19/10/2026 and is based on CPR 100. Construction products in general

These are all "cradle to grave" Environmental Product Declarations, i.e. the environmental impacts of the product are analyzed taking into account the stage of manufacture, construction, use and end of life.

The DAPconstrucción® Program was born in 2008 with the aim of bringing together manufacturing companies that want to advance in the analysis of the environmental impacts of their products and commit to environmental improvement.