The Clúster da Pizarra de Galicia renews its DAPcons® natural slate sector thus maintaining its commitment to life cycle analysis in the building sector


Clúster da Pizarra de Galicia is a group of companies in the slate sector that brings together more than 40 companies dedicated to the extraction, processing and marketing of slate.

With the will to renew its commitment to sustainability in the building sector, it has registered the DAPcons®.c-004.105 sector for the product Natural Slate.

The main recommended use for this product is that of coating for roofs thanks to its waterproof properties, frost resistance, bending resistance and durability.

To make known a little more the information contained in this type of documents we provide the following paragraph extracted directly from stages A1 and A2:

"Slate is a metamorphic rock of sedimentary origin, its main components are quartz, sericite and minerals of the chlorite group. 

It is a natural material, which is extracted directly from the deposits.

Before reaching the slate reef, sterile dismantling works are carried out, which are the coatings that must be extracted in order to extract the slate.

After carrying out the dismantling operations, the extraction of the product begins. The slate is extracted into large blocks that are cut with diamond thread. Subsequently, the blocks are transported by truck to the transformation hall of the quarry. "

The company Cupa Innovación SLU has been in charge of preparing this DAPcons® subsequently verified by ITeC. It is valid until 03/12/2026 and is based on cPCR-004. "Natural stone and aggregate products".

These are all "cradle to grave" Environmental Product Declarations, i.e. the environmental impacts of the product are analyzed taking into account the stage of manufacture, construction, use and end of life.

The DAPconstrucción® program was born in 2008 with the aim of bringing together manufacturing companies that wish to advance in the analysis of the environmental impacts of their products and commit to environmental improvement.