The European Commission is preparing an environmental legislative proposal for its products.


The European Commission is preparing to present a proposal on March 30 that will force companies to justify their environmental claims.

This proposal has been developed for almost ten years and is based on a methodology based on the product life cycle.. 

Its goal is to make products more durable, reusable, repairable, recyclable and efficient from an energy point of view to reduce in a benefit for consumers, the environment and the climate. This initiative will also address the presence of harmful chemicals in various product categories such as:
• electronic and ICT equipment
• textiles
• furniture
• steel, cement and chemical products.
We will have to be attentive to this initiative in which, according to the information that has transpired, the following measures will be included, among others:
 - The implementation of the digital product passport (EU digital product passport)
- The regulation of "ecological claims" (Green claims) to fight against misleading advertising (gree washing)
- The promotion of Product Environmental Footprint systems (PEF product environmental footprint)
- The extension of the eco-design directive (ErP directive) to other product types not related to energy

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