Aislux and Dott Gallina register DAPcons® 100.110 and 100.111 of Multiwall Cellular Polycarbonate Plate


The Aislux Group was founded in 1990. Originally directing their production to the industrial, agricultural, construction and interior design sector, they have stopped thinking about products as the driving axis of their activity to focus more on people through their current and future needs. To this end, they have developed their range of treatments to improve the characteristics of the products for the realization of translucent roofs and facades, with innovative aesthetic and architectural solutions.

The Dott. Gallina Srl was founded in 1960 in La Loggia, a town near Torino, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Dr. Pier Aulo Gallina. Their dynamism created the solid basis for constant growth that has made them a renowned player in the Italian market for the production of polycarbonate sheets and systems, used to build windows, roofs and facades for the construction industry.

In order to measure the impact of their products on their environment, they have registered the following specific product range DAPcons®  :

  • DAPcons.100.111 Multiwall Cellular Polycarbonate Plate by Aislux.
  • DAPcons.100.111 Multiwall Cellular Polycarbonate Plate by Dott Gallina

The product certified by Aislux is the multiwall cellular polycarbonate panel is a modular system composed of co-extruded cellular polycarbonate panels and accessories and includes specific products from the arcoPlus AISLUX range manufactured by Dott Gallina.

The product certified by Dott Gallina is the multiwall cellular polycarbonate plate is a system composed of co-extruded cellular polycarbonate plates and accessories and includes products from the PoliCarb range. which it manufactures for Aislux.

The LCA to develop this DAPcons is of the "cradle in the grave" type, that is, the environmental impacts of the constructive solutions are analyzed considering all stages: manufacturing, construction, use until the end of life.

In product specific DAPcons®, the specific data of a product can be certified, which makes its data quality as high as possible. 

On the other hand, while the product certified in the two DAPcons® is the same, a different impact can be observed in its A4 stages. This is because the transportation scenarios for each of the companies are congruent with the market of each of them.

The DAPcons® have been carried out by LEADER ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING S.L.U.  in Spain, and have been verified by Ferran Pérez Ibáñez de, verifier accredited by the DAPconstrucción® Program. They are valid until January 10, 2027 and are based on the Product Category Rule RCP 100 Construction Products in general. Version 2 of 29.02.2016

The DAPconstrucción® Program was born in 2008 with the aim of bringing together manufacturing companies that want to advance in the analysis of the environmental impacts of their products and commit to environmental improvement.