Barcelona City Council publishes the tool "1,500 mesures en sostenibilitat" to help companies reduce their environmental impact


Barcelona City Council has opened access to a new tool that helps companies develop their Action Policies in the context of the "Barcelona+Sustainable" project that promotes sustainability between entities and companies.  Here you can consult the 2021 action plan of the CAATEEB.

It is a self-diagnosis tool in sustainability in spreadsheet format with which, based on a series of questions with fold-out answers, a set of recommended measures will be assigned to improve the sustainability of your entity or company.

This tool is very useful for those entities and companies that are thinking of making an Action Plan to enter the Barcelona+Sustainable network or that have established an Environmental Management System such as EMAS or ISO 14001.

The tool is in the pilot phase, so the creators appreciate all possible feedback to continue improving it.

The active involvement of entities and companies in the reduction of emissions is a necessary condition to be able to achieve the emission reduction objectives. This tool is optimal to start walking this path.

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