Energy Audit is already a professional qualification


Professional qualification describes a set of competence standards with significance for employment that can be acquired through modular training or other types of training and through work experience. It should be noted that in no case regulates the profession or professional activity, which will correspond to the different competent Administrations according to the sector or field of development.

On January 24, Real Decreto 45/2022, of January 18, which establishes the professional qualification  of "Energy Audit", was published in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

This new professional qualification, together with the existing "Energy efficiency of buildings", establishes the competence framework of many of the new professional profiles that will be needed in the construction sector during the following years.

Without making a deep approach to the issue, the lack of qualified professionals in the sustainable building sector is identified as one of the main barriers to achieving the different impact reduction objectives that the EU has set.

The creation of professional qualifications that collect and listen to all the necessary skills to be able to carry out work of guaranteed quality are a very useful tool for the creation of training itineraries for both training centers and liberal professionals who want to expand their knowledge in a specific field.

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