Survey on the circular economy of Catalan companies


In the current context, it has become clearer than ever that moving towards a circular, low-carbon economy is a real source of opportunities for innovation, new business models and employment, which will facilitate the establishment of a more resilient model, which mitigates the risk of future crises.
In this sense, for the second consecutive year, the Commission of Economy and Sustainability of the College of Economists of Catalonia and the Generalitat de Catalunya have launched a survey with the aim of assessing the degree of knowledge and implementation of the circular economy in all companies in Catalonia. This initiative has the collaboration of PIMEC, Fomento del Treball Nacional and the Tecnocampus Mataró-Maresme.

Thanks to the annual periodicity of this survey, it is possible to analyze and show the advances in the perception and evolution of the business group in the field of circular economy, and to obtain information of interest when defining the actions to be promoted in the coming years based on company valuations.
The results of the First Barometer of the circular economy of Catalan companies can be consulted at this link:

The possibility of collaborating has now been opened, in response to the 2022 survey. You will find the questionnaire by clicking on the following link: