AISLUX registers the DAPcons® 100.007 for multi-wall cellular polycarbonate system


The AISLUX Group is a company with more than 25 years of experience in the natural lighting sector.

For this reason, it produces a lesser impact on the environment, has registered the DAPcons® 100.007, for the multi-wall cellular polycarbonate system.

Aquest producte is a modular system for panels of co-extruded cellular polycarbonate, aluminum profiles and accessors that include products from the ARCOPLUS and ARCOWALL range. The design is adequate for the seu ús in vertical paraments, façanes and covers. It stands out for the seva lleugeresa, transmissió de llum, aïllament tèrmic i facilitat d'instal·lació. I had a great resistance to the ultraviolet raigs, the squid and the impacts in general.

The company Leader Engineering and Consulting S.L.U, has been in charge of preparing this DAPcons® that has been verified by the Institute of Technology of the Construction of Catalonia ITEC. Tea is valid on the month of May 2025 and is based on the Producte RCP Category Rules 100 Productes de Construcció in general version 2 - 2016.02.29

This is an Environmental Declaration of Producte "from bressol to tomba", it is to say, s'analitzen els impactes mediambientals of producte tenint en compte the stage of manufacture, construction, end of life.

The DAPconstrucción® Program goes on to the 2008 year with the objective of bringing together manufacturing companies that are going to advance in the environmental impact of the environmental products and compromise the environmental mill.