Sistempur S.A. registers DAPcons®.001.007 for thermical and acoustical insulation


SISTEMPUR, S.A. is a Spanish company founded in 1998 that is dedicated to developing, producing and marketing polyurethane foam systems. It has an area of ​​6,000 m2 of facilities in the town of Seseña (Toledo) where it develops all phases of the production cycle, as well as areas dedicated to research and innovation of new products and systems.

In order to offer products with a lower impact on their environment, it has registered the DAPcons®.001.007 for thermal and acoustic insulation: Imperfoam System.

These are two-component rigid polyurethane systems (polyol and isocyanate) applied by projection in situ of intended uses for the cladding of exterior vertical enclosures, use as a waterproofing barrier, for thermal insulation of large surfaces, interior and exterior roofs, floors, etc. tanks and cisterns, pipe insulation and manufacture of rigid parts.

Laura Zaro Jiménez Ingeniería, Medioambiente y Sistemas de Gestión S.L. has been in charge of preparing this DAPcons® which has been verified by Marcel Gómez Ferrer. It is valid until June 30, 2025 and is based on the Product Category Rule RCP 001 Version 2 - 06-18-2015 Thermal insulating products.

This DAP is the cradle to the door with options, including all stages of the life cycle (A + B + C + D).

The DAPconstrucción® Program was born in 2008 with the aim of bringing together manufacturing companies that want to advance in the analysis of the environmental impacts of their products and commit to environmental improvement.