Public competitions in Barcelona to design green spaces


With the aim of making the city enjoy a more sustainable model of public space designed by people, Barcelona City Council is launching two public competitions for ideas to define what urban changes related to the creation of new green axes planned for the city.

These green axes must be the continuation of the Superblocks program that has already been implemented in the neighborhoods of Poblenou, Sant Antoni and Horta. Now we want to make a leap, going from the Superilla to green axes and squares that link green spaces safely for people.

The whole of the Eixample has a high population density, a lot of traffic and quite high levels of pollution. The municipal government has set the goal that all citizens of the Eixample have a square or a green axis at a maximum of 200 meters from their home. It is in this fabric where, from the intersections of the new green axes that are being built, new neighborhood squares will also appear that will take advantage of the characteristic chamfers and will allow to gain about 2,000 m2 each, the equivalent of a Plaça de Gràcia. From paved spaces, dedicated today almost exclusively to traffic, it will be moved to friendly living areas where greenery, play, permeable pavements and other uses will play a major role.

The contests

A competition will be for the conversion of the first four streets into green axes, those of Consell de Cent, Girona, Rocafort and Comte Borrell; and to define the street model of the 21st century. The resulting actions will consolidate and make final the emergency actions that have been carried out as a result of the pandemic in Consell de Cent, Girona and Rocafort, which were already responding to this new model of public space.

The other competition will include the design of the first 4 places, which will be located at the junctions of Consell de Cent-Rocafort, Consell de Cent-Comte Borrell, Consell de Cent-Enric Granados and Consell de Cent-Girona.

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