HUURRE registers the DAPcons®.100.023 for HI-F insulating panels


HUURRE is a manufacturer of insulating sandwich panels with a polyurethane core and construction systems for metal enclosures, facades and roofs. Since its inception, innovation has been one of the growth engines of HUURRE. It has been a pioneer in the development and manufacture of new systems and products that are in common use today.

Currently HUURRE continues to dedicate permanent attention and important resources to Research, Development and Innovation, placing its constructive solutions at the technological forefront of the sector.

In order to offer products that are increasingly lighter, more reliable and with less impact on their environment, it has registered the DAPcons®.100.023.

It is an insulating panel, sandwich type, refrigerator with metal faces and rigid insulating core, designed for applications that require a high degree of insulation: food industry, cold rooms, laboratories, etc.

The Green Building Management company has been in charge of preparing this DAPcons®, subsequently verified by ITeC (Institut de Tecnologia de la Construcció de Catalunya). It is valid until July 2025 and is based on the Product Category Rules RCP100 - v2 [2016] - General Construction Products.

This Environmental Product Declaration is of the "cradle to door" type including transportation, that is, it covers the three stages of the product manufacturing module and the transportation stage of the construction module.

The DAPconstrucción® Program was born in 2008 with the aim of bringing together manufacturing companies that wish to advance in the analysis of the environmental impacts of their products and commit to environmental improvement.