Presentation of the Odyssee-Mure project


Odyssee-Mure is a project funded within the H2020 program that aims to monitor energy consumption data and trends in measures to reduce it; In addition to evaluating and comparing the policies of the different EU countries, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom in terms of energy efficiency.

To achieve their objective, they have developed a series of interactive tools that, through a filter system, allow the generation of easily interpretable and exportable graphics in various formats. The databases on which it is supported have records since 2000 that are updated annually.

This project contributes to the direct transfer of information between regulators, comparison between different existing options and, ultimately, influencing and inspiring unconventional regulations.

It is an initiative with the potential to multiply the benefits obtained by a certain legislation of a member state, so that all agents in the sector should keep it in mind among our work tools.

For more information, we recommend visiting their website and starting to play with your options to become aware of the full potential of this project: