Presentation of the MedECC report “Climate and Environmental Change in the Mediterranean Basin: Current Situation and Risks for the Future”


The network of Mediterranean Experts on Climate and Environmental Change (MedECC) has been created in 2015. MedECC is an open and independent international scientific expert network acting as a mechanism for decision-makers and the general public on the basis of available scientific information and on-going research.

The First Mediterranean Assessment Report prepared by the MedECC is now published. assesses the best available scientific knowledge on climate and environmental change and associated risks in the Mediterranean Basin in order to render it accessible to policymakers, stakeholders and citizens.

The report is structured in the following chapters:

1. Introduction
2. Drivers of change
3. Resources
4. Ecosystems
5. Society
6. Managing future risk and building socio-ecological resilience

In order to introduce you the report that we deeply recommend to read, we offer you the first paragraph of the Summary for Policymakers:

“Virtually all sub-regions of the Mediterranean Basin, on land and in the sea, are impacted by recent anthropogenic changes in the environment. The main drivers of change include climate (temperature, precipitation, atmospheric circulation, extreme events, sea-level rise, sea water temperature, salinity and acidification), population increase, pollution, unsustainable land and sea use practices and non-indigenous species. In most areas, both natural ecosystems and human livelihoods are affected. Due to global and regional trends in the drivers, impacts will be exacerbated in the coming decades, especially if global warming exceeds 1.5 to 2°C above the preindustrial level. Significantly enhanced efforts are needed in order to adapt to inevitable changes, mitigate change drivers and increase resilience.”

Accessing to high-quality reports, reading them, understanding, synthetizing and spreading their information is an easy and personal way to support the energy transition. We only have 10 years to mitigate the Climate Change within predictable limits, let’s make this historical challenge ours today.

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