GBCe presents the report "Circular economy in buildings"


GBCe (Green Building Council Spain, or Council for Sustainable Building in Spain) is the main sustainable building organization in our country. Established in 2008, they are a benchmark in the transformation towards a sustainable model in the building sector. They are part of a broad, growing and diverse global network, with a presence in more than 70 countries and 36,000 members representing the entire value chain: World Green Building Council, WorldGBC.

This publication, which is part of the series of "XL Reports" produced by GBCe with the aim of positioning the building sector in the face of great global challenges and the necessary local transformations, reflects on the need to transform the sector towards a circular system.

It is a very practical report, with a lot of synthesized information (length of 25 pages), but which in turn makes it possible to draw up a mental map of the challenge that the circular economy poses for the building sector.

Next, we provide the definition of the current model, the linear economy, which is developed at the beginning of the document:

“The current economic system, the so-called linear economy, is based on business practices inherited from the Industrial Revolution, under the assumption that there will be a constant and economically viable supply of natural resources for everyone. It is a predatory, inefficient and unsustainable system over time consisting of "extract, manufacture, use and throw away" based on two great principles: permanent economic growth and constant consumption.

It is a system that does not consider the environmental externalities it generates, the associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions or other environmental impacts.

The consequences of this predatory economic system are extremely representative of where we are headed, if we do not take steps to change the course towards a circular economy model."

Accessing, reading, understanding, synthesizing and disseminating high-quality reports is an easy and personal way to support the energy transition. We only have 10 years to mitigate Climate Change within predictable limits, let's make this historic challenge ours today.

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