Home batteries from electric vehicles


BeePlanet launched in 2020 its first product: BeeBattery® Home. A sustainable energy storage system prepared for self-consumption facilities. Thus, single-family homes and facilities isolated from the electricity grid can store the energy they generate and use it when there is no electricity supply or when there is no sunlight, which are the most expensive time slots of the day.

BeeBattery Home has been developed using reused lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles. Giving batteries a second life provides sustainable, high-quality storage at a competitive price, as well as virtually total independence from the grid.

The first teams have already been installed in universities and single-family homes with success (see real case at the end of the statement). In addition, mountain associations show interest in him - to eliminate gasoline generators in shelters away from the electricity grid - and the agricultural sector.

The connection to a photovoltaic installation is very simple. It is marketed and installed by professionals. They have a network of accredited installers to provide service in Spain. These installers also offer the possibility of installing the complete kit, including the solar panels and the inverter.

BeePlanet covers the entire value chain of the second life of batteries, from their collection, testing, reconfiguration, reuse and, at the end of this second life, recycling.

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