Bricks from production waste


At StoneCycling, they produce many different types of brick each year. During the transition process from producing one type of product to another, there were always traces of product left. In a year they collected tons of "transitional scraps" that usually ended up in the landfill. However, they decided to collect all of these scraps to produce a limited edition WasteBasedBrick®: 2Good2Waste.

This range has the same quality as the WasteBasedBrick®, but the bricks are in unique and unrepeatable colors.

The first years of the project were tough and took many hours and countless tests until Tom van Stone, a student at the Eindjoven Design Academy (The Netherlands) found a way to make new building materials that were resistant, of quality and attractive. .

To put this new product on the market, with all the quality and safety certificates in order, they had to overcome a bureaucratic process that was very costly in time and economically.

It has taken almost ten years for governments to push forward transition plans towards a sustainable construction industry. More and more programs exist. However, as stated by StoneCycling, it is necessary to begin a phase of "penalization" in which governments and administrations implement penalties to projects or companies that do not support this sustainability paradigm. This phase can take another ten years and is necessary for the transition to be effective.